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K2 Vibration Controller

Vibration Controller:

High Precision Control Capability            

  A high resolution 24 bit A/D and D/A converters are used to achieve high control capability.            

Good protection            

  Without software at all, the output signal can be blocked immediately with the function of the hardware muffler.            

E-mail function]            

  Email notification is sent when abnormal interruption or termination occurs during boost.            

Data preservation           

  Definition conditions and test results information are output in CSV format.

This one can meet all the test requirements:

Vibration controller is a key part to be faithful to customer's test requirements and to be implemented. IMV considers the vibration controller very important, and all the hardware and software are developed by itself.            

K2 is a system with the latest control technology and integrated customer opinions, which is rich in functions and easy to operate.

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