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  • EUROC【2019】

    EUROC was established in Guangzhou, China【Euroc Test Equipment (Guangdong) Co., Ltd./EUROC-GD】Mainly responsible for 【EUROC】 brand environmental test chamber design, manufacturing, sales and sales of 【IMV】brand vibration test equipment. And the EUROC-SZ is  mainly responsible for the after-sales service of related equipment, which is convenient for enterprise management, thus improving the quality of customer service.

  • EUROC【2018】

    EUROC was established 【Shanghai Sales Office】 and【Beijing Sales Office】in Shanghai and Beijing. In the same year, it was incorporated as a supplier of the TUV SUD system.

  • EUROC【2017】

    EUROC was established the environmental test chamber of the brand of 【EUROC】, which is matched with the vibration test systems of IMV in Japan, serving customers as a professional service provider of environment and vibration.

  • EUROC【2016】

    EUROC was established 【Guangzhou Sales Office】in Guangzhou, and became the technical authorized service provider of IMV in Greater China , in the same year, it was included in the supplier of HONDA system and HZR-SWS system.

  • EUROC【2015】

    In 2015, Euroc established an independent legal entity in Shenzhen and Hong Kong , China【Shenzhen Euroc Industry Equipment Co., Ltd./EUROC-SZ】and【EUROC(HONG KONG)LIMITED/EUROC-HK】

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